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Online casinos are plentiful. A simple Google search will yield tens, if not hundreds, of examples of this. Almost certainly in less than an hour. However, there are few casinos that accept players from the United States. There aren’t many of them, and even fewer are worth signing up for an account with. 

However, there is no reason to be concerned. You will not have to go looking for them on your own because I will not force you to. We have already completed the task on your behalf. Our recommendations for the best online casinos accepting US players are listed below. In addition, we will go over some additional information about online casinos and gambling in the United States that you should be aware of. 

Six facts about casinos in the United States that American gamblers should be aware of. 

As an American, you should be aware of the six following facts about online casinos based in the United States. 

1. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act does not criminalize internet gambling. 

One of the most common but also deceptive myths about the legal status of online gambling in the United States is that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) makes it illegal. That is not at all the case. 

In addition to the Safe Port Act, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed in 2006. The proposed legislation’s primary goal is to prohibit banks from processing financial transactions to and from online casinos and American players. The fact that banking is now illegal adds to the difficulty of the process. It is not your bank’s responsibility to approve your credit card application or cash your checks. 

2. However, this does not imply that participating in online gambling is acceptable. 

Even though the UIGEA does not expressly prohibit internet gambling, this does not mean that you are free to engage in it. This is determined by the state in which you reside. 

In the United States, approximately 15 states are opposed to online gambling and have passed legislation making it illegal. Participating in internet gambling is a criminal offense if you live in one of these states (for example, Washington, Kentucky, or Maryland). This is cited in a number of online resources, including Wikipedia, PokerNews, and a site via this link.

Even for non-real-money games, operators are beginning to strictly enforce these rules by making it impossible for players in certain areas to create an account on their websites. They are completely uninterested in interacting with you. My best guess is that they are acting in this manner to maintain a positive reputation in the United States, with the ultimate goal of eventually breaking into the market there. To avoid confusion, even if you live in one of these states, you can still find and sign up for an online casino. However, keep in mind that doing so carries some risk. 

3. Making Deposits May Be Difficult 

Regardless of where you live, the banking process is likely to be the most difficult aspect of online gambling. Because banks are not supposed to handle your transactions, your credit card or debit card may be declined. You will need to use another method, such as an electronic wallet or a money transfer service. 

4. Cash payouts are also possible. 

The process of cashing out will not become any easier. They are a bigger source of annoyance. For example, players from the United States cannot have withdrawals made to their debit or credit cards. As a result, you will no longer have that option available to you. 

You risk having your application rejected by the bank as well. They may refuse to accept your check or bank wire as payment. Worse, they may terminate your account entirely. In my experience, this has happened several times. Even though it does not happen very often, it is not impossible for it to happen. 

Furthermore, there may be delays. Because payment processing is more difficult in the United States, operators come and go on a regular basis. It takes longer to process payments and then send them to the players. As a result, you could easily wait four to twelve weeks for your withdrawal to take effect. 

5. It is becoming increasingly difficult to locate casinos that accept US players. 

It is difficult to find a reputable online casino that accepts players from the United States. There are numerous online gaming sites that will gladly accept your money. The problem is that a sizable number of them are not only willing but also eager to steal your money. The other sites lack attractive games, a large player base, a long history, promotions, banking options, and a variety of other features that you should value. 

A number of the world’s major poker and casino websites completely ignore the US market. There are numerous reasons for this. None of this, however, changes the fact that it was a waste of time. Party Casino and 888 Casino, for example, are held accountable to their shareholders. Entering the US market and doing business there carries a significantly higher level of risk due to the possibility of repercussions such as fines. Not to mention that entering the US market now may prevent them from entering when it is legalized. 

Other sites are simply awful. You can sign up, make a deposit, and start playing right away; however, the quality of their software, customer service, and promotional offerings may leave a lot to be desired. 

In any case, you will discover that there are a very limited number of casinos that are worth playing at for US players. This barrier is exacerbated for players who live in one of the states that prohibit internet gambling. 

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6. American Casinos Are Riskier 

You will not only have a more difficult time finding a casino because you are a player from the United States, but any casino you do play at will provide you with an unsafe environment. Even if the casino is well-known. 

Black Friday, in my opinion, is a perfect example of this. Even though the players had nothing to do with the situation, it had an impact on them. Customers of online poker rooms such as Full Tilt, Absolute Poker, and UB were unable to be paid. Many players have now lost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Furthermore, it has been nearly two years, but there has been no repayment. 

But the issue isn’t just that those websites were irresponsible with their customers’ money (although that is a big reason). It’s just that they were a site that took customers from the United States. As a result, they are an easy target for anyone who sees them. 

Then there are the casinos that decide to close their doors for good for a variety of reasons. They were either unscrupulous operators looking to exploit a market gap, or they were poor stewards of their own money who were forced out of the market by the Department of Justice or the United States government. I bring these facts up, however, not to discourage you from participating in the game. To simply sound the alarm. I still recommend playing online games, but never risk more money than you can afford to lose. I would also recommend spreading your money among a few other casinos by using https://milliondollargambling.com/banking/sid-instant-eft/ , as this will protect your bankroll in the event that one of the casinos decides to close its doors (for whatever reason).